About Me

Hey everyone, my name is Jonathan Jackson and I'm a computer programmer based out of Ocala, Florida. I stumbled into software a few years ago after studying Political Science at the University of Florida. After graduation, I landed a job working as an IT man in a small medical billing business. It was there that I found Ruby and fell in love with its syntax and power. I've since expanded my focus to include other programming languages, but I'll always have a soft spot for Ruby.

While I am really passionate about programming, it's the communities that surround it that really let me know I was in the right field. I know it's not all puppy dogs and rainbows, but I've seen people slave for hours on projects that will not earn them a dime, and sit in an IRC channel until four AM trying to answer some rookie's question. I've been the reader of your blogs and tweets. I've used your libraries. I've benefited from your labor.

So, this blog is where I'm going to try and share what I've learned from you and hopefully encourage/help someone else. And if you are one of those rookies looking for help, here's my advice: get as much knowledge as you can and run with it.

Some Projects

EspnRb - A lightweight wrapper around the ESPN api. Providing an easy way to get all the latest scores.

ImageViewer - A jQuery plugin for displaying and manipulating images. Its interface is modal so it can be easily used for web-forms or demographic entry forms without the user having to take their hands off the home row.

Pivot.js - A javascript library that lets you create extremely flexible reports on the fly.

My Github Page - Where you can see what I'm up to. All of the code snippets from this blog are available through this account.

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Additional Information

I work at Hashrocket, a great company doing really innovative things. Any views or comments are my own.