Introducing EspnRb

For those who found this via Reddit here is a link to the repository.

EspnRb ('ESPN-ar-bee')

Since its release I've been working on creating a Ruby wrapper for the ESPN api. I began because it sounded fun to fiddle around with sports data for a change. And.. It was, I've had a blast building EspnRb. EspnRb allows you to use the Espn API with all that Ruby goodness we all know and love. Here I'll very briefly walk you through installation and getting the espn credentials, then we'll dive straight into some EspnRb examples.

ESPN api logo

ESPN api

In order to use the espn api you must have an api key. Your api key can be requested at the ESPN developer center website [1]. Just fill out the form and they'll assign you a key. Important note: the use of ESPN's api requires an attribution link (like above) which can be found here. The attribution links look pretty good and range from 50 by 14px to 200 by 75px, so finding one that fits your use shouldn't be too hard. Once you have the key you can begin working with EspnRb.