• Life in a shade of ruby (27 Feb 2012)

    Conway's Game of Life is a mainstay in Hacker culture. Here I'll go in depth about it's rules and my implementation.

  • Omniauth and Other Drugs (08 Feb 2012)

    Hello everyone, I'm back. Here to share a neat piece of code with you. It isn't very practical but it illustrates how easy it is to use Omniauth

  • Back Soon (30 Nov 2011)

  • Man and Ruby (17 Nov 2011)

    If you've had any experience with Unix operating systems you undoubtedly know the value of a good man page. Here I'll show you how to incorporate man pages into your work flow and maybe even author your own.

  • String Theory (08 Nov 2011)

    I like many of you have often idly wondered about the inner workings of Ruby. This time I wanted to see if I was correct. Here I'll show whether single quoted strings or double quoted strings are faster in 1.9.

  • An Introduction to Logging (01 Nov 2011)

    In this screencast I'll give you a brief introduction to the Logging framework. It's a popular logging tool that allows for greater transparency in your applications.

  • Caller Method (27 Oct 2011)

    It's Friday and this week has been fraught with complicated bugs. Here I share a method I found useful while trying to hack through these issues.

  • Make the most of your tweet (25 Oct 2011)

    Here I'll show you how to integrate google's url shortening service, and Twitter's tweet button to help make your site's tweet a little more friendly.

  • Make it your own (19 Oct 2011)

    In my last article I spoke about Pry. Here I'll walk you through how to customize your Pry session.

  • Give it a Pry (10 Oct 2011)

    Pry is an amazing tool for code exploration, and a great addition to your utility belt. Here I'll highlight a few of the reasons why I think Pry is worth your time.

  • RVM and rbenv (03 Oct 2011)

    RVM is the reigning champion of Ruby versioning. Here I take a look at rbenv and how it pairs with RVM.

  • Playin' with the Ruby GC (27 Sep 2011)

    Here I walk you through my attempt at finding the increase (or decrease) in performance from ruby 1.9.2-p290 to 1.9.3-preview1 garbage collection. I use GC profiler which is a wonderful tool, and some hacks to print a nice little graph. Check it out.

  • Ruby Hough Hack (21 Sep 2011)

    The hough transform is an algorithm used to detect edges/objects in an image. I recently needed to use it to straighten an image so that I could process it. Here is the (imperfect) solution me and my brother hacked out today.

  • Hippo: your friend in 5010 (20 Sep 2011)

    HIPAA 5010 can be quite overwhelming at first. The complexity the X12 people have fit into a simple flat file consisting a string separated by tildes is very impressive. However, now you have hippo. A DSL to create and read transactions sets in pure ruby!

  • We're here to encapsulate (12 Sep 2011)

    The concept is familiar to most programmers. Put simply it is bringing data and the methods that operate on it together under a single namespace. This article will showcase a few ways to encapsulate data in javascript. Specifically we will create a constructor class, and a module.